Where to Find the Best Free Casino Games

Free casino games are not difficult to find.  Yahoo! Games has Blackjack, AOL Games has Video Slots, there are tons of little no-name websites that offer pretty mediocre casino software but nonetheless, free games.  Sometimes the games take ages to load, sometimes the software is just plain ugly and of course, you can never actually win any real money.



The real money can only be made at real online casinos.  The good news is that at real online casinos you can also play for fun to practice your skills, learn new  free casino games  and you’re never required to deposit any money. Then, once you’re ready to actually start playing for real money it’s an easy switch over and you know what to expect from the game and the software. From skill games to poker online, you can find whatever you want.

Another nice aspect about playing free casino games a real online casino is that it’s really easy to pick up some free chips.  Especially once you are registered in their system as a fun player, they send you extra bonus incentives, not also to deposit but also to play for real money with a free $5 or $10 chip.

You can win real money off this bonus money and cashout! If you’re playing penny slots for example you can stretch $10 for quite some time…  It’s fun and free!  These free casino games you can access without even downloading the software.  Most online gambling sites offer their free software in a no-download Flash version that runs inside your web browser.

Backgammon Explained

Backgammon is an ancient board game that combines the elements of strategy and good fortune. Usually it is played by two players, although team versions of the game have also become quite popular. Each player is given 15 round counters or checkers that are positioned around a flat board marked with 24 narrow triangular divisions or “points”. The checkers are moved around the game according to the throws of a dice which the players take turns at.

An easy way of understanding backgammon is to consider it as a race between the two players to get their checkers over the finishing line. In this instance the finishing line is represented by the area of the board designated as “Home” area for each player. When they succeed in moving all their checkers into their Home they can then “Bear off” the checkers, or in other words, take the checkers off the board. The first player that succeeds to bear off all their checkers becomes the winner.



The start of the game begins with each player throwing one dice, or to be technically accurate, the die. The one who gets the highest number has the right to make the first move and they calculate this move according to the numbers that come up on their die and on the other player’s die. The one who gets the highest number has the right to make the first dice throw. If the dice throws turn up the same numbers for both players they have to repeat this throw and so on until they get different numbers. Supposing that the dice show a 1 and a 4. The player with the right to move can then decide whether they should move a checker 5 spaces or they could move one checker 2 spaces and another one 3 spaces.

Players can adopt both offensive and defensive strategies or some combination of the two. Depending on the luck of the dice throw they might be able put one of their checkers on a position occupied by a single checker of the opposing player. In the same way, one player can put tow or more of their checkers on a single point to block the advance of the opponent’s checker, or to set up a prime in backgammon terminology.

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Play video slot machine casino games

Slot machines got their start in the USA, back in 1887 in the form of a game called Liberty Bell.



It was a runaway success and by the beginning of the next century the games could be found in bars all along the east coast. With such a popular game on their hands, slot machine manufacturers made sure the games kept up with improving technology, which meant that 1963 saw the fist electronic slots games, and the very first video slot in 1996. With the invention of being able to play casino slots online, we are now seeing a boom in free slots online, and they are producing some big winners. Now is a better time than ever to get a totally free casino bonus and start working toward that big win online. Slot machines are actually quite easy to play. There is no real strategy to them, although there are several important things to keep in mind when you are look for a game to play. There are multiplayer games, progressive games, and big multi-line video slots. Take the time to read up on these before you play and learn which one is right for you and the way you like to play. Since there are so many casinos online, it can sometimes be difficult to determine which ones would be good to play with. It would be nearly impossible to check all of these yourself, so it’s a good idea to look at some third-party ratings for online casinos before you make a decision.

Baccarat through the Years



The word “Baccarat” is translated from Italian as “zero” – and carries the same meaning in French. Because of this anomaly in the Romance languages, both countries want to claim this elegant card game for it’s own. Like the history of most casino games like roulette and blackjack, the true history is long and complicated.
One popular version of the history of Baccarat has the game being developed by an Italian gambler with the name Felix Falguierein at some point in the middle ages. This telling of the story, has the game first being played with Tarot cards as well as being based on an old legend of nine gods watching as a blonde virgin throwing a nine-sided die. These throws would determine the young girl’s fate, with the eight or nine raising her to the position of priestess, however a six or seven would result in her banishment from all other religious rites. And throwing any number lower than six, would mean that she had to walk into the sea. Some pretty high stakes, to be sure.
Regardless of the truth behind this fanciful tale, it is fairly well accepted that Baccarat was already being played in France as early as 1500. The game was played exclusively by nobility, and this remained so for quite a few years before it found it’s way into more popular gaming establishments.

Roulette in the Media

Gambling is often portrayed in the media in a variety of ways. Roulette is an exciting and dramatic game of pure chance that is often used in the movies together with its appearance on music videos and also on TV. It can be seen as both glamorous and gripping. Online roulette has not been shown on the screen, however, nor has JackpotCity slots although both are just as exciting.

James Bond plays the game in the movie ‘Diamonds are Forever’. The character of James Bond is known for being a frequent gambler, although more well-known for playing baccarat, he has played roulette in a number of Ian Flemming’s novels.



Casablanca is another movie that features a game of roulette. Casablanca features the European roulette game in an important scene where a husband believes that the only chance he and his wife have of leaving Casablanca is to win at roulette. The newly-wed is not aware at the time of an indecent proposal made towards his wife. The roulette wheel is fixed by a soft hearted idealist in order for the husband to win.

1993’s movie Indecent Proposal has similar themes to that of Casablanca. Indecent Proposal also features a roulette scene where a young newlywed couple bet everything on a game of roulette. In this case they lose everything.

Roulette has also appeared on television shows such as South Park and The O.C.

Many people see roulette in movies and on television and decide to learn to play. The game of roulette is relatively easy to learn and the introduction of online roulette in casinos has meant that more and more people can play online roulette without having to gamble life-changing amounts of money as the characters have in these movies. Online roulette is an exciting game of pure chance and provided you find a reputable online casino in which to play there is no reason why you should not seek some of the excitement and glamour that online roulette is known for.

Playing bingo for free

This is not new that whenever that something is free, people start running. Who likes to spend money, if you can get it for free?



That’s the case in Casino online sites. The casino usually offers a free bonus for you to play any of their popular games such as the Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Craps and online Poker.

However, playing free bingo is different from playing in a Casino online.  There are some Bingo sites such as bingo.com that allow you to join and play absolutely free with no conditions. Your security and privacy are guaranteed when playing.

Bingo.com has been providing internet bingo to players since 1999. All the chat games are free, as well as the bingo variations and super jackpot thrills that make Bingo.com #1 for entertainment and fun on the Internet.

Finally, whenever you want you can always take a break from the free bingo game and check out all exclusive info and online news about the bingo game and on how to play bingo.